“Blotch” is the singular name for the artistic collaborations of Teagan Gavet and Tess Garman.

Together, they have been working on collaborations since 2006 under the pseudonym “Blotch.” Tess, also known online as Kenket, has a degree in Natural History and Scientific Illustration, and Teagan attended school for animation and character design. Both have a deep passion for art and story telling, and find graphic novels/comics to be an ideal outlet.

They live together in Denver, Colorado, and spend most of the time either sketching, painting, writing or playing computer games.

You can find out more information on our F.A.Q. page!

You can reach us at screwbald[at]gmail.com

Here is a complete list of places you can find us online:
Gallery Sites:
  DeviantArt, as Screwbald | FurAffinity, as Blotch
@screwbald on Twitter | LiveJournal | Google+ | FaceBook
www.nordguard.com | www.dogsdaysofsummer.com
(If it’s not listed, it isn’t us!)


Both Teagan and Tess attend several conventions a year as dealers.

Their 2013 convention schedule:
FurtherConfusion, San Jose CA, January
Furry Fiesta, Addison TX, Feb
Emerald City ComicCon, Seattle, WA, March
FWA, Atlanta GA, March
Pon3 Con, Omaha, NE (Just Tess, aka “Kenket”)
AnthroCon, Pittsburgh, PA, June
ComicCon International, San Diego, CA, July
Rocky Mountain FurCon, Denver CO, August
BronyCon, Baltimore MD (Just Tess, aka “Kenket”)
RainFurrest, Seattle WA, September
Midwest Furfest, Chicago IL, November
MiDFuR, Melbourne Australia, December