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Who wakes in the wilderness when night is done Fancying himself lord of all the land May see what was not there …

Hereos And Villains

Heroes and Villains

Here’s a piece I’ve been working on over the last few months! It’s the wrap around cover for the 2014 Texas Furry …

Four Cons, Four Weeks

Yeesh, it’s been a crazy month. Four conventions, three of which are the largest ones we’ll be doing this year, all in …



“I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.” ~W.C. Fields

Winter's Shadow

Winter’s Shadow

I painted this piece to be used as promotional artwork for the 2014 Werewolf Calendar! There will be more info on next …



What of the hunting, hunter bold? Brother, the watch was long and cold. What of the quarry ye went to kill? Brother, …



“And some day there will be nothing left of everything that has twisted my life and grieved it and filled me so …

Nordguard Journal Post 1

Emerald City ComicCon!

The busy start to spring continues! I am in Seattle this weekend for Emerald City ComicCon, which is downtown in the convention …



  Continuing the series of the TF2 artwork! Acrylic painting on wood. Meet the: Soldier | Pyro | Spy

Yo Ho Ho

Yo Ho Ho!

“Here’s to the wives and the sweethearts! May they never meet!”